Office of the ADR Funding

When it comes to getting started, sometimes the best place to start is close to home. The Office of the Associate Dean for Research can help both in expertise and financially to pursue your research. 

SRI Projects 

The Strategic Research Initiative (SRI) Program provides funding for teams of faculty to move forward with multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary, convergence research leading to large-scale, multi-investigator centers and institutes. This program is an annual competition, typically released in the fall, with funding available in two 12-month phases.

Small Equipment Grants

The Grainger College of Engineering has regular funding from awards to provide research equipment upgrades, repairs, trade-ins, and purchases of research equipment, computers, or software. For requests less than $100,000, faculty participants must provide a minimum 10% match, for requests over $100,000 faculty must provide all funds over $90,000. Priority in scoring will be given to justified requests from teams of two or more GCoE faculty, for equipment upgrades, repairs, trade-ins, or crucial equipment that is obsolete and/or unsupported by the vendor and to proposals from new awardees.  

Occasionally, research sponsors require co-investment from the university as a condition of a research award. While these requirements can often be met entirely with faculty researcher time (i.e., academic year contributed effort) or in-kind resources that are tracked and approved at the department level, sometimes additional hard-match support is needed. We can help you develop a competitive and workable cost share strategy that balances the needs of the research project, the sponsor, and the university.

If your proposal requires a hard-match, first work with business office personnel in your department or Engineering Shared Services to prepare a budget and allocate costs between the department, college, and campus. Once you have departmental support, the Office of the ADR evaluates and approves hard-match cost share requests on behalf of the Grainger College of Engineering. The last step is securing approval from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation.



Reach out to an ADR team member if interested or contact us with questions.

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